The Gypsy (Vanner) Horse

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The Gypsy Vanner Horse is a beautiful and rare new breed of horse envisioned by the European Gypsies.  These horses have been selectively bred over the past 50 years to create a kind of small Shire that was colorful enough to match their caravans.

These horses, bred by the Gypsies, are easily recognizable by their long, flowing manes and tails, and the profusion of feathers on their legs.  These make them look as if they fly when they run.


'A perfect caravan horse is strong, intelligent, docile, athletic, colorful and has excellent endurance.  It is our mission to show that these same traits would make the perfect horse for any number of pursuits.'


7 Points of Conformation

  1. Short back in proportion to overall body (short distance between last rib to point of hip).
  2. Broad chest.
  3. Heavy well-rounded hips (slab sided or severely sloping hindquarters are considered a fault.
  4. Heavy flat bone at the knee, ample hooves (small contracted hooves are considered a fault).
  5. Feathering that begins at the knees or near the hocks extending over the front of the hooves.  Ample to abundant mane and tail.
  6. Sweet head (fine head on a strong neck in harmony with the horse's overall look).
  7. Disposition (the horse should exhibit traits of intelligence, kindness, and docility overly aggressive behavior is considered a fault).