Mandarin Sarinande Silver Kris

Meet our gorgeous stallion prospect, 2010 colt Silver Kris!  Kris truly has a coat of many colors, he carries the silver gene, a black gene, a bay gene, a red gene, and a cream gene!  Kris is a silver buckskin!  He will be able to throw so many color combinations.  We are very excited.  he is the son of Silver Bullet and grandson of Villa Vanners Romeo!  This boy has quite a reputation to live up to.

What is a Kris? SILVER KRIS is named after the kris, a Malay weapon used in the 14th century. Legend has it that the kris possessed many qualities, the greatest of which was its ability to anticipate danger and protect its owner. The kris was treated with the utmost respect and often became a family heirloom. Today, its function is purely ceremonial. In choosing a kris made of silver as the symbol of our service, we acknowledge both the quality and reputation of Malay silverware and our roots in Malayan Airways, which began in 1947.

 Villa Vanners Silver Bullet x Mandarin Romeo Sarinande


Photo of Silver Bullet is courtesy of Villa Vanners and Mark J. Barrett.

Below is a gallery of Silver Kris


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